Bachelor's Degree

4-year course of full-time studies



Training animators who are able to work at all stages of the creation of animated films.


Admission Exams:

Candidates prepare a portfolio in advance (screenplays, essays, poems, short stories, plays, novels, paintings, drawings, films, original music).


Stage I (anonymous, practical)

Completion of a theoretical-practical test. Duration: 6 hours


Stage II (oral)

Discussion of the storyboard with the candidates. Interview with the candidates.



Compulsory Subjects:


Fundamentals of Animation

Animation Character

Animation Background

Animation Storyboarding and Layout

Animation Directing

Animation Software

3D Digital Animation

Animation Technologies

History of Arts



Artistic Anatomy

Screen Sound

Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Screenwriting for Animation

Digital Image Processing

Introduction to History of Cinema

History of Bulgarian Cinema

History of Animation


Fundamentals of Psychology

Diploma Project


Elective Subjects:


Fundamentals of Cinematography

Fundamentals of Photography

Graphic Design

Fundamentals of Screen Editing

Fundamentals of Screen Directing

Sound Stage Shooting Practice

Fundamentals of Drama Theatre Acting

History of Music

History of Costume

Semiotics: Word and Vision

History of Western European Cinema

History of American Cinema

History of Eastern European  Cinema

History of Asian Cinema

History of Ibero-American Cinema

History of Balkan Cinema

Genre and Style of the Film

Contemporary Russian Cinema

Introduction to  History of European Literature

Dramaturgy and Psychoanalysis

Writing for Interactive Media

History of Philosophy

History of Mythology and Religion

History of Civilizations

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show

Management in Screen Arts

Marketing and Advertising