Film and TV Directing


Bachelor's Degree

4-year course of full-time studies



Training directors and assistant directors for the making of fiction, documentary, scientific and educational films, live and recorded TV programmes, TV series and serials, commercials and music videos; dubbing and editing.


Each academic year the students are required to direct short films and TV projects in different genres at the Training Audio-visual Complex of NATFA and at professional film companies and TV stations.


Graduation Project: Written theoretical study of minimum 25 pages. Practical realization of an audiovisual project of minimum 20 min.



Compulsory Subjects:


Fundamentals of Film Directing

Work with the Actor in the Screen Arts

Documentary Film Directing

Fiction Film Directing

Adaptation Directing

TV Commercials Directing

Music Video Directing

TV Program Directing

TV Series Directing

TV Adaptation Directing

Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Team work – Scriptwriter – Director

Fundamentals of Cinematography – Shooting equipment and Technologies

Fundamentals of Cinematography – Art Lightening

Fundamentals of Screen Editing

Computer Editing Software

Theory of Screen Sound

Screen Sound – Shooting on location

Screen Sound – Post-production

Screen Music

Screen Design

Fundamentals of Acting

Introduction to History of Cinema

History of Bulgarian Cinema

History of Art


History of Philosophy

History of Mythology and Religion

Fundamentals of Psychology

Copyright Law and Contract Types in the Screen Arts

Diploma Project



Elective subjects


Directing of Screen Comedy Genres

Directing of Childrens’ Screen Genres

Casting Directing

Directing of Crowd Scenes

Directing of Stunt Scenes

Directing of TV dubbing

Introduction to History of European literature

Writing for Interactive Media

Screenwriting for TV Programs

Dramaturgy and Psychology

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show

Theory of Show Forms

Theory of Screen Images

Semiotics: Word and Vision

Introduction to History of European Theatre

History of Western European Cinema

History of Eastern European  Cinema

History of American Cinema

History of Russian Cinema

History of Documentary Cinema

Genre and Style of the Film

Fundamentals of Photography

History of Music

History of Dance

Media Theory and History

Speech Culture

History of Civilizations

Management in Screen Arts

Marketing and Advertising