Stage Arts Management


Master's Degree
Training managers for all institutions involved in the creation and dissemination of stage arts products.
Admission Exams:
Upon the submission of the documents, the candidates present a project prepared in advance, on a topic from the field of stage arts management and short autobiography.
Stage I:
Discussion of the project. Interview with the candidates on subjects from the art theory and practice, law, economy and the humanities.
Stage II (anonymous):
Development of a text on the subject of problems of the Bulgarian and the world art and culture. Duration: 6 hours.
Compulsory Subjects:

Economics of Culture

Cultural Politics

European Integration of Bulgaria

Communication in a Foreign Language

Business Ethics

Human Resource Management

Legal and Institutional Infrastructure of Stage Arts

Stage Arts Financing

Art Management

Producing for Theatre

Audience Development

Marketing and Advertising

Practical Text Editing

Cultural Enterprising and Innovations

Master Thesis


Elective Subjects:


Fundamentals of Drama Theatre Directing

Fundamentals of Puppet Theatre Directing

Fundamentals of Public Speech

Speech Culture


Semiotics of Art

Theory of Drama

Theory of Performance

History of European Theatre – Renaissance and Classicism

History of European Theatre – Enlightenment and Romanticism

History of Russian Theatre

History of American Theatre

History of European Theatre – Modernism

History of European Theatre -Postmodernism

History and Theory of Directing

Fundamendals of Theatre Research

Contemporary Stage Practices

Text and Director`s Interpretation

Introduction to History of Cinema

Culture of Writing

Fundamentals of Dramaturgy

History of Philosophy

Contemporary Philosophical Ideas

History of Mythology and Religion

History of Civilizations

Fundamentals of Psychology

Personality Psychology

Social Psychology

Fundamentals of Psychology

Children Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Group Process and Group Dynamics

Fundamentals of Psychodrama

Public Relations

Fundamentals of Photography

Theatre Text – Translation and Editing

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show

International Enterprising and Strategic Management in Stage Arts

Network Entrepreneurship and Social Networks

Genre and Style Problems in Theatre and Cinema