The aim of the programme is to prepare producers (executive, delegated, location and others), production managers, organizers and production assistants for all genres of feature and non-feature films, for TV productions, TV series, commercials and news. In the educational process, the students build professional habits for teamwork and defense of projects which they realized as annual course works in the Training audiovisual complex of the Academy. After the interdisciplinary education in the first year, the priorities are focused on the work on projects, writing contracts, work with teams, negotiations, problems in copyright laws, accounting, financing, cinema distribution, TV programming, festivals showing and others. The list of compulsory subjects is supplemented by screenwriting, cinematography, editing, sound, design, history of world and Bulgarian cinema, history of plastic arts, history of music, philosophy, mythology and religion, psychology, aesthetics, semiotics, European and Bulgarian literature, sociology, psychoanalysis and others.



The students completed their obligations of the curriculum, must prepare for a public diploma defense with a realized producer project, including an audiovisual production with a minimum length of 20 min. and a theoretical work – minimum 25 pages.

The graduates obtain an educational qualification degree of Bachelor, with the professional qualification „Film and TV producer” and the possibility to work in creative production process of the cinemas and TV stations in the country and abroad, as producers, to manage audiovisual production departments in other state and private structures, as to continue their education in the educational qualification degree of “Master”.



When submitting their documents, the candidates are required to deposit a portfolio. It can contain: screenplays, essays, poems, short stories, plays, novels, paintings, sketches, photographs, films, original music, performance of songs and musical instruments, recordings of musical performances and other creative materials chosen by the candidate. The literary materials must be in .pdf and not longer than 10 pages. The image materials must be in .jpg. The audiovisual materials must be in MPG-4 not be longer than 15 minutes. The audio materials must be in MP-3 and not be longer than 15 minutes. The aim of the portfolio is to present in detail the candidates possibilities, their interests, creative predilections and worldview. When submitting the documents, the portfolio is sealed in an envelope with the candidate`s name.


Stage 1 – practical exam (anonymous) 

The candidates receive a joint text for a screenplay, on the basis of which they take a test, checking their abilities to comprehend the text, to tell it summarized and to offer solutions about the eventual duration of the future film product, about the possible locations for shoots, about suitable actors, about the creative team`s functions, budget amount, about the creation of eventual shooting schedule, the necessary technical equipment, possible financing sources, possible distribution on different channels and in different territories, the product`s compatibility with other similar, etc.

Duration: 2 astronomical hours

The candidates received a score lower than Average (3.00), drop out of participation in the second stage.


Stage 2 – oral exam 

The tests of the candidates allowed to Stage 2 are examined by the jury in the presence of each prospect-students. The candidates analyze the results and respond to questions related with producers’ decisions, which are suggested. The jury talks with the candidates and discuss the materials of the presented portfolio.

The point of this stage is for the jury to get insight about the possibilities, interests, general knowledge, independent thinking and creative thinking of the candidates.

The prospect-students received a score lower than Average (3.00) drop out of ranking