Since 2007, in accordance with Article 35 of HEA, each state-funded higher institution has to set up a Board of Trustees which provides support l in the provision of an effective and transparent management, as well as a high-quality of the education and training.
The Board of Trustees provides opinion on:

1. Key issues concerning the development of the higher school;
2. The draft of the mandate program;
3. The draft budget of the higher school;
4. Draft approvals and amendments to the of higher school’s rules;
5. The draft proposals under Article 30 (1) 1 and 12 on the number of admitted students and PhD students and the amount of application and tuition fees;
6. The annual report on the condition of the higher school, the annual report with the financial and natural parameters of the higher school, the annual financial statement and statement of the execution of the revenue and expenditure side of the budget;
7. Proposals for offering scholarships by the higher school.

The Board of Trustees comprises of – donors of the higher school, key figures with proven reputation, representatives of employers, industry branches and professional organizations, representatives of the Student Council and of the Minister of Education and Science.



Academician Prof. Ludmil Staikov – Chairman of the Board

Film and Stage Director




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Chobanov

Deputy mayor for education, culture, religion, youth and sports activities of the Municipality of Sofia




Prof. D.Sc. Petar Stefanov

President, Central Cooperative Union BG




Prof. Nikolay Mihaylov, PhD (Econ), Dipl. Eng.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Trace Group Hold” Plc

Chairman of the Public Council of “Trace for people” Foundation



Dimitar Tsotsorkov

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Assarel- Medet JSC




Radomir Cholakov

Executive Director of Kaolin EAD




Radosvet Radev

Executive President of BIA (Bulgarian Industrial Association)

Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian National Electronic Media



Kosta Cholakov
CEO at DZI Insurance, KBC Group




Dobromir Chochov

Producer. Founder and Manager of Doli Media Studio EOOD




Alexey Hristov

Program Director at American Foundation for Bulgaria