Since 2007, in accordance with Article 35 of HEA, each state-funded higher school shall set up a Board of Trustees which shall support the higher school in the provision of effective and transparent management and high-quality education and training.

The Board of Trustees gives opinion on:

1. Major issues concerning the development of the higher school;
2. The draft mandate program;
3. The draft budget of the higher school;
4. Draft approvals, amendments and supplements of higher school’s rules;
5. The draft proposals under Article 30 (1) 1 and 12 on the number of admitted students and PhD students and the amount of application and tuition fees;
6. The annual report on the condition of the higher school, the annual report with the financial and natural parameters of the higher school, the annual financial statement and statement of the execution of the revenue and expenditure side of the budget;
7. Proposals for establishment of scholarships by the higher school.

The Board of Trustees comprises of 7 members – donors of the higher school, personalities with active social position, representatives of employers, professional, industry, branch and professional organizations, representatives of the Student Council and of the Minister of Education and Science. Five of the Board of Trustee’s members are elected by the Academic Council on a proposal by the Rector and the other two are designated by the Minister of Education and Science and the Student Council, accordingly.

  • Members

 Nikolay Mihaylov

 Borislav Borissov

 Petar Stefanov

 Teodor Vassilev