NATFA’s hostel is situated on the premises of the Sofia, Students’ Campus, Building 29. Eligible for accommodation are full-time students, PhD students and specializing students for the duration of their study set out in the study plan, who have not been punished with “expulsion from the hostel” and are attested as being in need of accommodation in the settlement where they receive their education.

People from the academic staff up to 35 years of age are also eligible for accommodation in the students’ hostel but for not more than 5 years. The number of places is determined by NATFA’s Academic Council. Accommodation is made on basis of ranking, except where the number of applicants is smaller than the vacant places in the hostel. The students, PhD students and specializing students accommodated in the hostel pay monthly rents, semester deposits and services as set out in an order of NATFA’s Rector.

Twice a year – at 31 March and at 30 November, the Ministry of Education and Science and NATFA publish in their official websites information about the vacant and occupied places in the students’ hostel.

Contacts: + 359 2 868 51 81