Admission and tuition fees are established by a Decree of the Council of Ministers № 223 / 25.04.2019. The admission fees are not refundable in case an applicant fails to appear for an exam.

Annual tuition fees, 2020/2021 academic year:

1. The fee for an admission exam is 50 BGN for the first part of the exam and 50 BGN for any next exam that follows.

2. Students: Bulgarian and EU nationals, full-time studies:

– Educational degree “Bachelor” (state-subsidized education):
BGN 1650 (BGN 825 per semester)

– Educational degree “Master” (state-subsidized education) after obtaining educational degree “Bachelor”
BGN 1750лв. (BGN 875 per semester)
BGN 1300 (per semester) for Directing in Puppet Theatre Practices (3 semesters)

3. Admission fee for doctoral exams for the academic year 2019-2020: 100 BGN

4. Bulgarian doctoral students: regular annual tuition: BGN 1850

5. Foreign students (incl. doctoral students):

BA programmes
– Film and TV Directing, Film and TV Cinematography, Film and TV Sound, Film and TV Editing, Film and TV Producing, Photography, Animation, Drama Theatre Directing, Puppet Theatre Directing, Film and TV Design, Stage and Screen Design
– full-time – EUR 6000

– Drama Theatre Acting, Puppet Theatre Acting, Physical Theatre, Critical Theatre Studies and Theatre Management, Theatre Production, Screen Studies and Journalism, Playwriting and Screenwriting
– full-time – EUR 4000

MA programmes
– Stage Arts Faculty – EUR 4000
– Screen Arts Faculty – EUR 6000

Bulgarian language course – EUR 3000


The fees are payable in BGN at the rate exchange of the Bulgarian National Bank.

NATFA Bank details: see here.