Trade Union organizations protect employees’ interests before their employer regarding all labor and social security relations. Trade union organizations take part in the drafting of all internal rules and regulations concerning the labor relations. The collective labor contract is entered by and between one of the trade union organizations and the employer.



The trade union organization of NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”, which is a member of the National Branch Trade Union “Higher Education and Science” at the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB), protects the interests of its members in the field of labor, employment, labor rights, payment and social security. The organization signs the Collective Labor Contract with the employer and provides control for compliance with its provisions. It represents before the employer the social and labor interests of its members. The trade union organization provides free labor law and consulting assistance.

Leader: Assoc. Prof. Katerina Ilkova


  • The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA)

The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) is an artistic trade union organization, which represents the interests of its members before their employers and the state authorities.

Leader: Prof. PhD Emil Mitropolitski