The Master of Arts programme in Puppet Theatre Directing Practices targets graduates from programs at the Department of Acting, Directing and Stage Design for Puppet Theatre, as well as other programmes in the field of Theatre and Film Arts, who would like to develop a professional career in the puppet theatre directing. The programme curriculum follows up the approaches and processes in the director`s work from the initial idea to the realization of the final theatre production.

The purpose of the programme is to build upon the previously acquired basic knowledge in the field of theatre art. The programme’s curriculum aims to offer new specialized knowledge and skills.



The programme’s duration is 1,5 years (3 semesters) full-time studies. The format includes classroom studies and extra-curriculum activities.

The students elaborate their Master theses on topics in the field of puppetry, and demonstrate a creative project of their own. Thus, they acquire knowledge, experience and skills required in the various stages of the puppet theater directing.

In parallel with the main disciplines, the students study Aesthetics in the Puppet Theater during Modernism and Postmodernism, Stage Lighting Design, Multimedia Puppet Theater and others.

The diploma assignment consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. Within the classroom educational forms, students complete the preparatory period of the assignment, which includes:

  • research on the chosen topic and collection of information sources;
  • analyzes of texts and creation of their own dramaturgical material;
  • elaboration of the artistic idea;
  • creating a visual solution (projects for puppets, costumes, set design and poster);
  • finding a producer to implement the project;
  • basic elaboration of the master’s thesis;

An emphasis in the extra-curriculum form of education is the practical implementation of the project (the theatre production), related to independent work in a professional environment:

  • work in a studio for production of the material part;
  • work with actors – staging and rehearsal process;
  • presentation in front of an audience;

The public defense takes place within six months after successful finalization of all semesters, on the basis of the realized performance and the submitted Master’s thesis.

The Master of Arts program is also open to students who have graduated from other universities in the country and abroad. In these cases, their education is tailor-made and includes 10% increased number of elective courses that bring specialized knowledge in the field of puppet theater.



Graduates acquire educational qualification degree „Master of Arts and professional qualification “Puppet Theatre Directing Practices”



Stage 1:

Written essay on the issues of contemporary puppet theatre practices.

Duration: 4 hours

Purpose: Understanding the candidates’ abilities of written expression; logical, associative and figurative thinking’ as well as their aesthetic views and overall knowledge in the field of theatre.


Stage 2 (oral):

The candidates must submit a theatre directing concept, prepared in advance. The concept has to be about the realization of a puppet theatre stage production, inspired by literature, music, fine arts. The project has to be submitted in a written form, alongside other necessary submission documents. During the interview with the Selection Committee, the candidate has an opportunity to defend the concept.

The candidates submit also their creative portfolio which provides evidence for their professional realization until the moment of candidacy, their interests and abilities, such as: videos, photos, sketches, paintings and others.

Purpose: Understanding the candidates’ interests and capabilities in their chosen field of theatre art.