Established in 1948, the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” is the first Bulgarian higher school in the field of stage and screen arts and one of the most prestigious European educational institutions of its kind.

The Student Council is the body that protects the common interests of students, PhD students and specializing students in NATFA. It works in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Higher Education, NATFA’s Rules of Organization and Activity and its own approved Rules of Procedure.

The Student Council has placed priority on balancing the representation of students’ interests before Academy’s management with the competent presentation of the opinions of the Rector’s Office and the different elected management bodies to the students. This is usually a very difficult task which the Student Council aspires to fulfil with energy, constructivism, initiative and persistence, striving through active participation in NATFA’s management bodies to have the Management take decisions which give due regard to students’ interests. The Student Council, as a vigilant eye always seeing to the above, while not idolizing students’ rights as an end in itself, but being broad-minded, with a vision of education and clear sight about all processes, is a unit that is successful and useful for the students as well as for the Academy.

Sometimes forgotten because of the intensive daily routine in the Academy, the academic student community spirit is always living.

In outline, the work of SC is not only fundamentally focused on being useful for the students, but it also builds a community out of NATFA’s students. Everything SC organizes, carries out and finalizes is aimed at facilitating the learning process, keeping the internal rules, encouraging the creative beginning, intellectual sports, entertainment and creating a microclimate of a community of united, talented and worthy young spiritual aristocrats!

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