BA degree:

Drama Theater Acting
Puppet Theater Acting
Physical Theater – Pantomime
Drama Theater Directing
Puppet Theater Design
Stage and Screen Design
Theater Critical Studies and Management
Film and TV Directing
Film and TV Cinematography
Film and TV Editing
Film and TV Critical Studies
Playwriting and Screenwriting


Admission exams:

Admission exams to NATFA are competition-based and of a specialized nature aimed at identifying the talent, culture, artistic taste, motivation and psycho-physiological qualities required for the different courses. BA admission exams are held in three rounds and MA admission exams – in two rounds. They can be theoretical and/or practical, anonymous and/or open, written and/or oral.

It is possible to apply simultaneously for two programmes.

A fee determined with a Decree of the Council of Ministers is payable for the admission exams. It is not refundable in case an applicant fails to appear for an exam.


The entrance exams in NATFA are held between 1 – 10 September.