NATFA offers specialization courses in different fields of stage and screen arts.

NATFA admits specializing students Bulgarian and foreign nationals who have completed their higher education. The specialization is taken in one chosen discipline and the duration of training is not less than six months and not more than one year. The number of course hours is determined at specializing student’s option, on basis of the number of credit hours for the studied discipline, and ranges between 60 and 120 academic hours.

Classes are organized in accordance with specializing student’s and professors’ individual workload and are not linked to the academic semesters.

IMPORTANT: Specialization DOES NOT result in acquiring a higher educational degree. It gives right to acquiring professional qualification in the studied discipline only, not to acquiring a new specialty.
The specializing student sits for an exam upon completion of the course of study on each subject. Having passed successfully all exams in his/her individual study plan, the specializing student sits for a FINAL QUALIFICATION EXAM and is awarded a CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION in the respective discipline.

Fee for non-resident specialization students – EUR 3000.

Fees are payable in BGN at BNB’s exchange rate.