The contemporary cultural and political space, the dynamic expansion of information technology and the multitude of media initiatives require highly qualified specialists in the field of oral speech. The oral speech has its specific rules and specificities, which improve and facilitate the communicative process in every area of life and business. The necessity for improving the mechanisms of speech and the subtleties of the sound form of the language is increasing in today’s society. Being the only one of its kind in the field of higher education, this programme offers an in-depth knowledge on the language as a basis for the human communication and develops practical habits for the use of the Bulgarian phonetics with all its specific norms and rules. The programme also helps students to master the non-verbal communication methods.

The Public Speech programme offers an opportunity for mastering rhetorical and vocal techniques for influencing different types of audiences. The academic staff of the program consists of prominent professionals in the field. The theoretical base is solidified by a wide spectrum of practical courses, such as: Speech in front of Microphone, Behavior on Camera, Business Etiquette and Protocol, Speech Techniques, Text Interpretation.



The programme is offered only in a full-time format. The duration of the study is 1 year (2 semesters).

Students graduate with a final state-regulated exam, which includes the submission of a project on a subject/theme, chosen by the student and elaborated during the course of education.



Graduates acquire an educational qualification degree “Master of Arts” and professional qualification “Master of Public Speech”. They have an opportunity to work in areas where there is a need for skilled speech communication and a variety of behavioral skills: in electronic media; in various public, cultural and business organizations; in advertising agencies; in the field of Public Relations. The qualification received could be applied also in key positions in every area. It provides opportunities for the graduates to undertake further an applied and theoretical research work in the field of public communications with a focus on public speech.



When submitting their documents, the candidates submit an essay, written in advance (up to 2 pages) on a topic of their choice, and a CV.


Stage 1: Performance of a text, prepared in advance – a prose or a poetry, chosen by the applicant, from the Bulgarian or world literature, up to 5 minutes of length.

Interview with the Selection Committee for evaluating the general knowledge and language culture of the candidates.


Stage 2 (anonymous):

Written essay in the field of arts and culture. Duration: 2 hours