One of the strategic goals of putting Bulgarian cinema and television on the global stage is to invest in the education of qualified specialists who could adapt the new models by following the trends and could be able to solve complex problems in the field of independent screen production and distribution.

The goal of the programme Management of Screen Arts is to offer a modern type of education, taking into account the world trends, but also orienting it to the multilayered specificity of the rapidly developing new conditions in Bulgaria. The Master`s programme is also open to students who have graduated from other higher education institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. In such cases, the students follow up an enriched curriculum consisting of additional optional courses and activities that provide specialized knowledge in the field, suggested by the Head of the programme



The educational process finishes with a public defense of a Master thesis that includes a management project and a scientific research paper.

The graduated students from the Management of Screen Arts programme acquire the educational qualification degree of „Master of Arts, with the professional qualification “Manager of Screen Arts” . Graduates could work in the following areas:

  • In all state and private institutions, fully or partially having the purpose of creation and distribution of screen productions;
  • as independent founders and managers of similar institutions;
  • as experts in other fields of audiovisual production and new media;
  • as specialists in the film distribution, archiving and usage of audiovisual products, festivals, cultural events;
  • as specialists in management and legal regulations of state, collective and private institutions in the field of cinema, television and audiovisual production (state bodies, public and private television channels, copyright management companies).



Candidates apply with an elaborated creative project and a short creative portfolio/CV.


Stage 1 (anonymous, written exam) 

Candidates pass a written exam on a topic from the Bulgarian and world art and culture.

Exam duration: 6 hours


Stage 2 (oral exam)

Interview with the candidate on the project, focused on a topic in the field of the management of screen arts. The project is submitted as a part of the portfolio together with other application documents. The oral exam includes also a discussion with the candidates on topics, related to the theory and practice of the fields of arts, law, economics and humanities.