This Master of Arts programme aims to educate and train highly qualified specialists in the field of contemporary theatre practice, theory and pedagogy.
The constantly changing, modernizing and restructuring theatre sector, the implementation of new technologies and intercultural practices in the creation and distribution of performing arts products, require creative professionals with extensive knowledge and skills, who are able to take adequate and fast decisions. The programme offers a broad in-depth knowledge on the performing arts while at the same time students have the opportunity to choose and master a specialized profile in the performing arts.
The programme is also available to students who have graduated from other higher education institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. In such cases, they follow up a curriculum with additional workload of elective subjects, proposed by the Head of the programme, bringing a specialized knowledge in the respective field of study.



The students graduate with a public defense of an individual Master’s thesis – a theoretical research according to the chosen specialization.
The graduates acquire educational qualification degree “Master of Arts” with the professional qualification “Master of Arts in the Theatre Arts”
Opportunities for work realization:
– as experts in all public and private institutions, which are fully or partially involved in the creation and distribution of performing arts productions;
– in research and educational institutions in the field of performing arts:
– experts, part of institutions, dedicated to performing arts and new media;
– specialists in the field of distribution of performing arts productions, archives and usage of audiovisual products, festivals, cultural events;
– specialists in the management and legal regulation of state, collective and private institutions in the field of theatre, cinema, television and audiovisual production (state institutions, public and private television channels, copyright management companies).



When submitting their application documents, the candidates present a theoretical project on a chosen topic, elaborated in advance, as well as a short creative CV.

Stage 1 – by documents

Stage 2 – interview by the Selection Committee

Candidates present in front of the Selection Committee their theoretical project, which they plan to undertake during the period of studies. There is an interview on the submitted creative materials (in case such materials are submitted) – i.e. a video of a theatre production, pictures, texts, sketches, etc. The interview questions also include the fields of theory and practice of the arts, aesthetics, social sciences and humanities.