Puppet Theatre Acting


Bachelor's Degree
4-year course of full time studies
About the programme
Training actors for the puppet theatre with highly professional skills, with an individual creative style and effective methods for creating a stage character with a puppet.


Candidates are expected to prepare in advance, of their own choosing, a repertoire consisting of: 2 fables, 2 poems (one for children), 1 prose excerpt, 2 monologues (comical and dramatic), 2 songs (one of which has to be a Bulgarian folk song), folk and modern dance.


Stage I
Performance of audition materials (candidates may choose what to begin with). Puppetry tasks based on the on the audition materials.


Stage II

Performance of audition materials. The candidates perform the songs they’ve prepared.  Candidates who play a musical instrument may demonstrate their skills in front of the evaluation panel.


Stage ІІІ

Part 1: Creation of a puppet from given materials. Puppetry tasks including. The aim is to test the candidates’ ability to animate the puppet.

Part 2: Puppetry tasks – individual and group. A conversation with the candidates with the aim to test their general knowledge and theatre culture.


Practical Experience:

Students gain practical experience in performances at the Puppet Theatre NATFA, in guest- performances and at festivals.


Graduation Project: Creating characters in puppet plays on the stages of the Puppet Theatre NATFA.