Physical Theatre - Pantomime


Bachelor's Degree

Full time studies


About the programme

Developing the stage idiom of the actor’s body through classical and contemporary movement techniques; stimulating the general psycho-physical and creative development of the students in the direction of physical theatre; developing the students’ individuality in the context of the collective stage expression.


Practical Experience: The students participate in creative workshops exploring the correlation actor – stage space, in the spirit of the European ideas and methods, with one unifying principle – the movement.


Graduation Project: Performances on the stages of the Drama Training Theatre.




The candidates are expected to prepare in advance the following audition materials: 3 physical sketches (up to 1.5 minutes); 3 dance combinations with the respective technique – classical or historical, modern, folklore (up to 1.5 minutes); drama materials – 1 fable, 1 poem, 1 monologue, 1 song.


Stage І

Performance of one sketch and one dance at candidates’ own choice. The aim is to test the candidates’ physical and psychological qualities as well as their dance techniques.


Stage II

Performance of candidates’ verbal materials and the song. The aim is to test the candidates’ artistic talent as well as to reveal their psycho-technical abilities and their musical skills.


Stage III

Part 1:

Candidates perform the rest of the prepared dances and sketches (at the evaluation panel’s choice) as well as various tasks for: appropriate realization of and adaptiveness to nonstandard tasks. The aim is to test the candidates’ improvising abilities and creative thinking.

Part 2:

Interview with the candidates. The aim is to test the candidates’ general knowledge and motivation