Drama Theatre Acting


Bachelor's Degree


4-year course of full time studies



Training actors for the drama theatre, with extensive practical abilities and theoretical knowledge corresponding to the contemporary professional requirements for creative work in the theatre or self-employed practice.


Admission Exams:

Candidates are expected to prepare in advance, as audition materials: 2 monologues, 2 poems, 1 fable,  1 prose excerpt. Additionally – a song and a dance (folk or modern – at candidate’s own choice).

Stage 1:
Performance of audition materials (at candidate’s own choice). Performance of audition materials at the panel’s choice.

Stage 2:

Performance of the prepared songs and dances.
Performance of the rest of the audition materials and of acting tasks assigned by the evaluation panel.

Stage 3:
Acting tasks assigned by the panel.
Interview with the candidates. The aim is to test the candidates’ general and theatre knowledge, and their overall suitability for the chosen program.



Practical Experience:

Students are required to perform each semester in several different dramatic productions staged by their professors and advisors. They can also work at professional theatres during their studies.

Graduation Project: Performances on the stages of the Drama Training Theatre.


Compulsory Subjects

  • Drama Theatre Acting – Improvisation and Etude
  • DTA – Theatre and Literature
  • DTA – Character and Genre
  • DTA -Character on Stage
  • DTA – Performance on Small Stage
  • DTA – Requirements for Big Stage
  • DTA – Aesthetics of Contemporary Drama Theatre
  • DTA – Transition to Professional Theatre
  • Stage Speech
  • Orthoepy
  • Stage Movement
  • Stage Combat Techniques
  • Stage Acrobatics
  • Rhythmics
  • Bulgarian Folk Dances
  • Classical Dance Techniques
  • Acting for the Screen Arts
  • Jazz Dance Techniques
  • Musical Training
  • Vocal Training
  • Stage Makeup and Hairstyles
  • Introduction to History of Theatre
  • History of Bulgarian Theatre
  • Introduction to History of European Theatre


Elective Subjects


  • History of Fine Arts
  • Aesthetics
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Mythology and Religion
  • History of Civilizations
  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • History of American Theatre
  • History of European Literature – Modernism
  • History of European Literature – Postmodernism
  • History of European Theatre – Renaissance, Classicism
  • History of Russian Theatre
  • Introduction to History of Cinema
  • History of Music
  • Semiotics: Word and Vision
  • Screenwriting for TV Reality Show



  • Stage Combat Improvisations
  • Far-Eastern Stage Combat Techniques
  • Dance Acrobatics
  • Fundamentals of Pantomime
  • Contemporary Dance Techniques
  • Modern Dance Techniques
  • Ethnofolk Dances
  • Style and Etiquette
  • Development of Musical Perception
  • Interpretation of Musical Genres
  • Parallel between Singing and Movement
  • Dubbing
  • Preparation for Casting
  • Introduction to Director’s Practice