Drama Theatre Acting


Bachelor's Degree


4-year course of full time studies


About the programme

Training actors for the drama theatre, with extensive practical abilities and theoretical knowledge corresponding to the contemporary professional requirements for creative work in the theatre or self-employed practice.



Candidates are expected to prepare in advance, as audition materials: 2 monologues, 2 poems, 1 fable, 1 prose excerpt. Additionally – a song and a dance (folk or modern – at candidate’s own choice).


Stage 1:
Performance of audition materials (at candidate’s own choice). Performance of audition materials at the panel’s choice.


Stage 2:

Performance of the prepared songs and dances.
Performance of the rest of the audition materials and of acting tasks assigned by the evaluation panel.


Stage 3:
Acting tasks assigned by the panel.
Interview with the candidates. The aim is to test the candidates’ general and theatre knowledge, and their overall suitability for the chosen program.



Practical Experience:

Students are required to perform each semester in several different dramatic productions staged by their professors and advisors. They can also work at professional theatres during their studies.


Graduation Project: Performances on the stages of the Theatre NATFA.