Drama Theatre Directing


Bachelor's Degree


4-year course of full-time studies



Mastering the main principles of drama theatre directing, the technology of the production process and the methodology of the director’s work.


Admission Exams:

Candidates are expected to prepare in advance the following audition materials: a poem, a fable, a monologue and a prose excerpt.


Stage I

A written exam on a assigned topic from a play (a list of plays is previously submitted to the candidates). Duration: 4 hours


Stage II

Acting improvisation based on the audition materials. Tasks assigned by the examination panel on the audition materials.


Stage III

Analysis of a dramaturgical fragment from the list of plays. Interview with the candidates.



Compulsory Subjects:

Drama Theatre Directing – Etudes (based on students’ own ideas)

DTD -Text-based Projects

DTD – Introduction to Action Analysis

DTD – Stage Narrative

DTD – Genre, Style and Stage Character

DTD – Stage Forms and Theatre Techniques

DTD – Coordination of the Directing Process

DTD – Work on Diploma Production

Drama Theatre Acting

Speech Culture

Stage Movement

History of Fine Arts

Drama Theatre Design

Theory of Drama

Theory of Performance

Semiotics: Word and Vision

Introduction to History of European Theatre

History of Bulgarian Theatre

History and Theory of Directing

Introduction to History of Cinema

Cultural Policies

Art Management

Marketing and Advertising


History of Philosophy

Fundamentals of Psychology

History of Music

Sound and Music in Performance

Introduction to History of European Literature


Elective Subjects:

History of Bulgarian Literature

History of European Literature to the mid-19th Century

History of European Literature – Modernism

History of European Literature – Postmodernism

History of Russian Literature

History of American Literature

Culture of Writing

Fundamentals of Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy and Psychoanalysis

Theory of Show Forms

History of Ancient Theatre

History of European Medieval Theatre

History of European Theatre – Renaissance and Classicism

History of European Theatre – Enlightement and Romanticism

History of Russian Theatre

History of American Theatre

History of European Theatre – Modernism

History of European Theatre – Postmodernism

Music Training

History of Dance

Style and Etiquette

Stage Makeup and Hairstyles

Fundamentals of Screen Directing

Fundamentals of Photography

History of Mythology and Religion

History of Civilizations

Sociology of Art and Culture

Scenographic Dimentions of Postdramatic Practice

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show