Playwriting and Screenwriting


Bachelor's Degree

4-year course of full-time studies



Training professional writers and editors for the theatre, puppet theatre, physical theatre, music and opera genres as well as for feature and documentary films, TV programs, TV series and serials, interactive multimedia products.


Stage I (anonymous, written)

Test. Duration – 6 hours.


Stage II

Interview with the candidates.


Compulsory Subjects:


Fundamentals of Play- and Screenwriting

Playwriting for Contemporary Theatre

Dramaturgy for TV Series

Screenwriting for Fiction Films

Playwriting for Puppet Theatre

Playwriting for Musical Theatre

Screenwriting for Documentary Films

Screenwriting for TV Programs

Screenwriting for Animation

Writing for Interactive Media

Team Work – Scriptwriter – Director

History of Bulgarian Literature

European Literature – Basic course

Introduction to History of European Theatre

History of Bulgarian Theatre

Introduction to History of Cinema

History of Bulgarian Cinema

Theory of Interpretation

Fundamentals of Drama Theatre Acting

Fundamentals of Drama Theatre Direction

Fundamentals of Screen Directing

Copyright Law and Contract Types in the Screen Arts

History of Arts

History of Music

Personality Psychology

Social Psychology


History of Philosophy

History of Mythology and Religion

Diploma Project



Elective Subjects:


History of European Literature – Modernism

History of European Literature – Postmodernism

History of Russian Literature

History of American Cinema

History of Childrens’ Literature

Culture of Writing

Dramaturgy and Psychoanalysis

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show

Theory of Show forms

Theory of Screen Images

Theory of Screen Perception

Semiotics: Word and Vision

History of Ancient Theatre

History of European Medieval Theatre

History of European Theatre – Renaissance and Classicism

History of European Theatre – Enlightenment and Romanticism

History of Russian Theatre

History of American Theatre

History of European Theatre – Modernism

History of European Theatre –  Postmodernism

History of Western European Cinema

History of American Cinema

History of  Russian Cinema

History of Eastern European  Cinema

History of Asian Cinema

History of Ibero-American Cinema

History of Balkan Cinema

History of Documentary Cinema

History of Animation

Media Theory and History

Genre and Style of the Film

History of Dance

History of Civilizations

Children Psychology

Speech Culture

Fundamentals of Screen Editing

Fundamentals of Cinematography

Fundamentals of Photography

Management in Screen Arts

Marketing and Advertising