Bachelor's Degree

4-year course of full-time studies



Training photographers in the field of artistic and applied photography.


Graduation Project:

Written theoretical study of minimum 15-20 pages. Presentation of slide show, photographic exhibition and photo album.


Admission Exams:

The candidates submit a portfolio with 20 black and white and color photos, not mounted, format 18×24 cm or 20×25 cm: 2 landscapes, 2 natural lighter and 2 artificial lighted portraits, 1 natural lighted and 1 artificial lighted still-life, 2 photoreportages. 10 photos from a photo-session (series), at the candidates choice.


Stage I (practical)

The candidates photograph a model provided by them, in the NATFA’s photographic studio, on a theme chosen by lot. Duration – 30 minutes.


Stage II (oral)

The candidates photographs are examined by the commission. The candidates analyze the results and answer to questions. The aim is to test and evaluate their visual memory, color vision, artistic and aesthetic competences both in the in the field of photographic (imaging) arts and the traditional arts, their general knowledge.


Compulsory Subjects:

Black and White Photography

Color Photography

Applied and Experimental Photography

Lighting and Lighting Technology in Screen Arts

Computer Technologies in Photography

Photographic Equipment and Technology

Technology of Photographic Images

Special Photographic Methods and Techniques



Graphic Design

Fundamentals of Cinematography

Theory of Photographic Images

History of Photography

History of Art

Introduction to History of Cinema


Diploma Project


Elective Subjects:

Screen Makeup and Hairstyles

Theory of Show Forms

Semiotics and Semantics between Word and Vision

History of Bulgarian Cinema

History of Western European Cinema

History of American Cinema

History of Eastern European Cinema

History of Asian Cinema

History of Ibero-American Cinema

History of Balkan Cinema

History of Documentary Cinema

History of Animation

History and Theory of Television and Video

Introduction to History of Theatre

Writing for Interactive Media

Fundamentals of Film Directing

History of Philosophy

History of Mythology and Religion

History of Civilizations

Screenwriting for TV Reality Show

Fundamentals of Psychology

Marketing and Advertising